2020- 05- 26 I.A.M. The Layering of (re)actions in our brain for Addiction or Dependence

Tuesday Integrative Addiction Management Evenings

Layering (re)actions

Ponies are for PussiesHans thinks that in these COVID-driven days people should get some extra help.
So every Tuesday @ 19:00 (Amsterdam Time) Hans presents snippets from Interactive Addiction Management. And this week we will be diving into the surfing of our cravings: urge-surfing (in Dutch “Trek surfen”)

Tonight I will explain the different layers that come into action in a human being (we are more than our thoughts -even if they are a big part of who you are-

If you understand how the evolution is visible in the layeredness of our brain (Oh, and please forget about those left-brain-right-brain-stories. Yes, there is a difference but that is not half as big as the story that people without actual knowledge about the brain looove to run with.)

If one understands that the layers of our brain not so much energize the layers below, but rather regulate it by inhibition. Just as someone with a rupture in the spinal cord is paralytic. Because the signals of the higher layers of the brain don’t reach the muscles, those muscles don’t get flaccid, they go spastic!
Similarly the brainstem, the reptile brain will take over in certain situations. You think those toilet paper fights in your stores are crazy? Well, of course, they are! But they are totally understandable if we understand the Frenzy in our reptile brain. And that is sometimes similar in addiction where we truly don’t want to get our drug… and yet we do!

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