Tuesday, Integrative Addiction Management Evenings

Just telling myself I should not drink/smoke…
it is about as useful as chewing bubble gum.

Covid-19 is a challenge for all of us and let’s be clear… it ain’t gonna be over soon. Alcohol-use has more than doubled for a lot of us. Cannabis has a close second.

Tuesdays 7PM NL): one hour of
Integrative Addiction Management on Zoom.

So let’s not pretend: apparently we all do need a lot of downers to cope with this quarantine.

Let’s not blame others, let’s not blame ourselves, please.
There are no simple solutions to complex problems. Just telling myself I should not use

Free Zoom

So I will answers questions about integrative addiction management every Tuesday 7:00PM(Amsterdam time). You can follow the info I give or you can ask questions.
Beforehand (at the bottom of this page) or you can just ask questions during the session.

As free as you want

Of course, I have to pay my rent as well :-). So here is a payment request for IAM (Integrative Addiction Management -abbreviated for privacy reasons-).

You can adjust the amount and pay with any bank in the Netherlands

Instead: let’s have a look at this reality together and have a look at what it means to us, to our vulnerabilities, to our possibilities. Let’s see if there are lessons to be learned. Maybe even lessons in the reasons we do those drugs (and yes, alcohol is a drug too).

Hans West is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting:
I.A.M. Zoom

See you there?


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